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Our team of writers:
-Lola Miramar

Born to rock, forged in the musical fires of Florida, the Twin Cities, California, and Texas. Devotee and connoisseur of the greatest American art form: ROCK!

-Bryan Kuntz

Twin Cities MN based, self-appointed Independent Music Promoter with backgrounds in Physical and Digital Product Distribution, Label and Website Organization, Artist Management/Development and more. Has a lifelong bad habit of actively encouraging bands that seem happily intent on inflicting permanent hearing damage with repeated exposure.

-CC Badass

I am CC Badass, radio presenter, and founder of CC Badass Productions Presents.
As a baby, I was left on the wrong side of the tracks, swaddled in a leather jacket.

I was raised on and in music, with a history spanning over 30 years in the music business in one form or another.

  • Cassie Hughes is a stay at home mother-of-two by day, and a superhero vigilante at night, frequently correcting instances of poor grammar on the internet with her sister via Facebook Messenger. Between this perilous task and making obscure film references at her husband, she studies a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University and fantasizes about a life where The Force exists and Slash lives in a vivarium in her living room.

-Pete Rattray aka Pistol Pete

My first introduction to rock music was via my elder brother. Stones , Skynyrd , Purple, all those great 70's bands. The first gig I attended was Blue Oyster Cult in 1979 – they have always remained a firm favourite . My true love is Southern Rock.

I currently work and reside in the South east of England .

I admin various rock based FB groups (1970-1992 Rock and Metal Heaven, Southern Rock and Influences)

Myself and fellow co conspirators set up the New Wave of Classic Rock fb group to help support and spread the word about all the great new bands out there.

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