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Uncle Rust

uncle Rust Fractured Lens album

              The Album - 

            Fractured Lens

Remixed & Remastered 2019

Review by - Gerry Casey
November 2019

I have a confession to make. Until I received this album, I had never heard of Uncle Rust. But you know, I think that’s a good thing, no expectations or any idea of what I’m about to hear. A clean slate so to speak , a genuine magical mystery tour!


So I did my research, I started digging and the more I dug , the more impressed I became. This is Justin McConville's band along with his brother Chris on drums who previously was involved with indie band The Bishops.  On bass guitar PJ Phillips. This guy has played with some of the very best in the business, including Rod Stewart, Mark Shaw, and Curtis Steiger.  Justin taking on the role of lead vocals and lead guitar. This is a well oiled machine, that knows how to play loud and proud and with a tightness that shines all the way through, from the opening track, right to the fading bars of the final song. So here’s a few observations !


My Blackened Heart  kicks off the album in fine style. Immediately you realize this band is tight. A comparison to early Guns N' Roses wouldn’t be out of place ! Not a bad start you might say.

That’s the general tone of this album an unrelenting pace of chunky riffs amazing bass playing, excellent vocals throughout and a firm steady beat from the man at the back .

This London based trio have played with the best , and it shows . The playing on this album is faultless. A lot of subject matter on the album is covered,

billionaire asks the question from a musician's point of view, "when is the money gonna start to roll in?" In this modern world of accessibility to music at minimal cost no time soon I’m afraid. Keep the gigs rolling in boys and girls . Because that’s where the vast majority of income is coming from most working bands, in the business presently.

Murdering Icons, raises the question of the absolute tragedy of the taking of a life of a celebrity in particular the senseless murder of music icon John Lennon,very thought provoking indeed.

Then we have the absolute volcano driven rockers in the style of songs like, searching in the dark,

All My Sins, and Lord Of Crime.

There are 23 tracks in all on this album,each one of them powered up for maximum rock n roll effect.

Recommended !

My Blackened Heart,

Searching In The Dark,

Lord Of Crime,

All My Sins.

Upcoming gig:
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