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The Swagger- 

  Loaded Gun

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The Swagger are a 4 piece gritty rock band from London who formed in 2011.


Their latest single, released May 25 2020, which I have had the pleasure of listening to is entitled Loaded Gun. It starts off slowly and eases it’s way in then a fab drum beat takes it to another level and the vocals are searching, gravelly and set the tone for the number. The guitars are edgy and sound fantastic with the tone of his voice. You just get lost in the angst and immerse yourself in the sound and the story it conveys. The musicianship is amazing, the mood is just right and they are obviously very accomplished and know how to make their instruments tell a story.


The Song regales the tale of a veteran with PTSD who has difficulties re-joining the civilian world after what they’ve been through. The song then gets lighter as the story continues and with the help of a counsellor they manage to find some stability and a home, as well as reconnecting with loved ones from whom they’ve been estranged.


The lyrics, vocals and whole tone of the track tell the harrowing story and tells it wonderfully. It’s one of those songs that can change the way you see the world and gives you a deeper respect for those who serve our countries.

Loaded Gun (Single)

Written by Lee Stevens & Paul Stevens

Recorded by The Swagger at Ghost Town Sound studios, North London UK 2019

Produced/Mixed by Oliver McKiernan & The Swagger

Mastered by Pete Maher

Artwork by Lee Stevens

The Swagger are:

Lee Stevens - Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals/Guitar

Paul Stevens - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Bass Guitar/Keys/Backing Vocals

Gaet Allard - Drums

The Swagger - Loaded Gun (Official Video)
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