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Rosco's Riot

           The EP -

Yesterday's Paradise

- Review by Paul Black

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the state of rock music. Is it dead? Is guitar dead? Or are we witnessing a new wave of great rock music coming to the fore?

Well, let me assure you that the latest offering from Rosco’s Riot, titled ‘Yesterday's Paradise’, very much suggests the latter!

Let me also assure you that the art of writing a bloody good riff isn’t dead either. There are a plethora of them on this album. And in most cases there are two or three of them in each song. Riffs that mere mortals would write entire songs around emerge out of nowhere. It’s a truly impressive thing to listen to.

And that’s not all either. The riffs aren’t thrown together willy-nilly just to make up a paint-by-numbers, bolted together song. Each tune sounds cohesive and natural. Like the songs have always been there and the band have unearthed them from somewhere deep in the ground.

The second album is always a difficult one for any band. You have to delicately balance trying something new and different; but not alienating your fans by changing your sound too much. Well, established fans of the band needn’t worry. I must confess to having dug out their 2016 album ‘Crazy and Wild’ out of curiosity and I was very pleased to find that these guys have performed that balancing act absolutely beautifully.

It still sounds like the same band: All the little unique details are there; but this sounds like a leaner, meaner, fitter version. The increase in confidence is audible on every song. And there’s not a single note wasted. Every strum, strike and vocalisation is absolutely in the right place for the right reason. It’s obvious that Rosco’s Riot have spent the best part of the las two years honing their craft.

“But what about newcomers to the band’s music?” I hear you cry!

Well, if you’re a fan of thick, meaty guitar tones then there’s something here for you. If you’re a fan of Cornell-ian searing, passionate vocals then there’s something here for you. If you love dirty, bluesy filth then there’s something here for you.

There are some truly astonishing highlights that I’d love to draw you attention too, also.

The first of which is when the crushing riff kicks in on the albums first track ‘Bound to Hell’. It serves as the albums obvious mission statement: We’re here to rock. Plain and Simple.

There’s no let-up either as the album moves straight into another absolute riff masterclass in the form of ‘War’

And you can clearly see why the album’s title track is ‘Yesterday's Paradise’.

However it’s not all balls-to-the-wall. For me, my personal standout track on the album is ‘Only One’. A more chilled out, bluesy offering. It’s here where you get to really here the absolute musicality of the band. From perfectly placed ambient slide licks to a more intimate encounter with the simply excellent vocals that are all over this album.

In summation, this is a solid album that the guys should be ruddy proud of. Well written, well played, well performed and well mixed. You can’t really ask for more.

Rosco's Riot are:

Tim Knox - Guitar & Vocals
James Quinn - Bass
Andy Brown - Guitar
Craig Taylor - Drums


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