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Taylor Smith And The Roamin' Jasmine

The Album
Live At Horace's Bar
-Review by Lola Miramar

  These fellas are certainly not your average bar band. One of the more memorable tracks on this set is Feeling My Way Around, which I slipped into like a well worn pair of Levi’s, has a feel good soul vibe reminiscent of your  Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Junior Walker and the All Stars 45s. Basement parties, and making out in the corner under a blue light. On Step it Up and Go this delicious Orleans swinging, thumping brass is a good time Saturday night and everything that is thrilling about a live set. That's A Pretty Good Love is arguably the best track on the album, layering horns over a good rhythm guitar, and sizzling sax and volcanic trumpet solo. Taylor Smith's raspy vocals are an open invitation to pine for Those Things You Used to Do, and the sexy beast who made you both hot, and Hangman Blue. Hang out for a while, marvel at your good fortune at who is loving you, fall into a dark winter night, sleepless and heartbroken, or tear up the dance floor with the  Irresistible Liz’s Jane. You’ll have a great time, and when it gets blue, it hurts just right. Recommended!

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