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Joe Bonamassa

-Review by Charlotte

BRITISH BLUES EXPLOSION pays tremendous homage to legendary musicians such as BECK, PAGE AND CLAPTON. 

Whilst BONAMASSA has crafted a career from playing in his own distinctive style, he certainly flourishes amongst the greats by adapting his playing with each track that echos the original without straight out copying. This subtle approach from BONAMASSA and fellow musicians on set creates an enjoyable experience for listeners both seasoned and new to the world of Blues. 

Opening track BECKS BOLERO starts with parading drums and slides into some technically impressive guitar playing. It flows seamlessly into RICE PUDDING. 

MAINLAND FLORIDA has some groovy keyboard playing and the warm rhythm section works delightfully together. 

BOOGIE WITH STU is filled with syncopated keys and exudes ragtime, feel good vibes. 

LET ME LOVE YOU BABY puts the spotlight on a soulful guitar that reveals a truly raw dynamic, setting the track apart from the previous numbers on the record. The duo vocals work really well on this song too. 

PLYNTH had me cast to some SMOKE ON THE WATER feels and is bound together by some red hot guitar playing. 

Staccato start to following number SPANISH BOOTS keeps the listener wrapped up in the land of Blues.

DOUBLE CROSSING TIME let's some minor keys have a spotlight moment before a heart wrenching guitar intermittently cries out between BONAMASSA singing. 


raises the tempo a little and opens the flood gates for upbeat and fun country to pour into the set. I loved the subdued yet vital rhythm in this one. Well placed on the list to retain momentum.

SWLABR continues the undeniable feel good factor and paves way for TEA FOR ONE. A repetitive riff in the beginning borders on trippy before the pace slows right down to a track oozing soul from the atmospheric backing to the emotionally picked guitar. It's as though every note played on that guitar is a pang on the heart string from gritty heartache.

LITTLE GIRL lifts right back up to some well placed rhythm changes with the essential lyrical narrative required to sculpt classical blues rock.

PRETENDING continues with some jangley keys and transformed into a real groovy lip biter. Loved the way bass drives alongside the guitar and the duo vocals pair together perfectly. 

BLACK WATER is a lacing of ornate guitar work, something BONAMASSA does seemingly effortlessly. Tribal drums support this psychedelic atmosphere creating a totally unique sound. 

Finally HOW MANY MORE TIMES brings closure to the experience. Just over the minute mark all elements are raised and the tempo switches, welcoming an upbeat and foot tapping feel. 

It's no mean feat to play from the greats and BRITISH BLUES EXPLOSION is a valient interpretation! 


Photo by Christie Goodwin
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