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Jawbone -

The album

-Review by Pistol Pete

 When I first played this album, I had no idea who the band were and where they from. So after a little research,  I found out they were from the UK and feature Marcus Bonafanti- Guitar/Vocals, Paddy Milner- Keyboards/Vocals, Rex Horan – Bass/Vocals and Evan Jenkins – Drums. These guys have played with a whose who of the British blues scene. So what does it sound like I here you ask? Take a large dose of The Band, mix with Dr. John and stir thoroughly and add a touch of Little Feat . If this album had been released between 68 and 72, it would be hailed as a classic of the genre . The album opens with a slice of New Orleans style blues ala Dr John , followed by Get what you deserve which grooves along nicely with a sort of early Doobie Brothers / Little Feat vibe. Next up is When your gun is loaded , as soon as the first chord is strummed you feel you know the song , very familiar but in a good way , straight from The Band school of writing! Great song!! Family Man follows in the same vein crunching Hammond organ, really shows Jawbone finding their feet . Bet On Yesterday is really moody , with what sounds like a brass section filling out the sound . Think Bad Company meets The Band. Rolling On the Underground is up next and you could close your eyes and imagine Lowell George singing this! Great up beat tempo. Big Old Smoke is another southern bluesy rocker with some great slide from Marcus Bonafanti Sit Round The Table is a like a great mix of the band with Eagles Harmonies, a beautiful song . 2 Billion Heartbeats is another great piece of Americana.The album closes with The Years Used To Mean So Much, a song that harks back to better carefree times. A terrific way to close a masterclass in song writing and performance. Highly recommend!

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