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           Gig Review-
Overhaul - 19 May 2018
Nice 'n Sleazy, Glasgow
-Review by CC Badass

Glasgow on a Saturday night, walking the mess of Sauchiehall Street  to a place called Nice 'n Sleazy to see a band called Overhaul.

I've been listening to their albums for almost a year now, but realized that I'd first heard a couple of their tuuunes from the album 'Here And There' quite a few years before I moved here to Scotland.

Overhaul is a band that I have been looking forward to seeing play live. The band has been around since 1997, but with the latest lineup, and new album, this was a great chance to hear where they are taking this new music.

Overhaul is:

Andy Gallagher - guitar, vocals

Kenny Johnson - Bass guitar

John Malone - Drums, back vocals

As I met Andy and John for an interview before the gig, I was told that Kenny wouldn't be able to make the interview, as he was running late due to his amp blowing up. A big thanks to Carlton Studios in Glasgow for helping him out of his amp emergency!

Immediately upon hearing their first tuuune, and the venue's atmosphere as they played Makes No Sense At All, I felt like I was at the Entry (in Minneapolis)seeing any one of my favourite local bands.

The highlights of the evening were the songs

'Where Do I Fit In'  with excellent drums and punk feel, 'Milwaukee', and as a tribute to Grant Hart they played the Husker Du song 'It's Not Funny Anymore' which is one of my all-time favourite songs.  They played the songs from their new EP, which came out on Monday, 21 May. This Gut Feeling Inside had a bit of a surf punk feel. Kill Ourselves Working Hard is a tuuune we can all relate to! This new EP is very grunge, with a punk feel! Incredible bass playing from Kenny throughout, and intense vocals from Andy! Overhaul's playing was tight! They are all fantastic musicians who give the music mindblowing intensity when you see them perform it live.

I heard a lot of heavy grunge, and punk throughout their songs, and even some hints of surf punk. This is a band who I want to see play more, and once you get their new EP 'Lighter', you will too!

listen to them here:

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