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Camila Cabello

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Debut album -


- Review by Katie W.

Camila Cabello, former member of Fifth Harmony, takes to the stage with her debut album titled “Camila”. The album itself encompasses a charismatic, breezy and almost exotic combining her Cuban heritage with pop and, it, just, works. It isn’t your typical pop album, it’s smooth and easy listening vocals and effortless tones are evident not to mention her emotive lyrics. Her vocals haven’t changed but her versatility proves that her music isn’t just about “dancing in the club” or “loving my baby”, which some might feel cliché.

It’s always a case of testing the waters when a member of a pop group breaks off and chooses to fly solo. However, Camila takes her solo career like a bull taken by the horns. She seamlessly makes her mark, painting her identity as a strong solo artist. Beginning with top track “Havana” featuring Young Thug, her chart-topping single; you can almost feel her Cuban roots seeping through. The salsa/latin feel steamy piano riff enters with a sultry vocal. It’s a somewhat sleek and smooth track with a hint of exotic groove.  “Never Be the Same” is not so much a Latin number, but an slower, emotive track with Camila talking about the complexity that love brings in terms of chemicals in the brain messing with her. She really shows her vocal diversity here; her ability to reach a high range in falsetto effortlessly whilst including a gritty tone. The catchy rhythm of the drums, the vocal reverb and synthy tones only add to the vocal driven track.

“Consequences”, a ballad of all proportions with a modern twist. An incredibly emotive, piano break-up ballad with a host of “hit me in the feels” lyrics. Her soft tones and gentle vocals provide a sense of heartbreak that should sound melancholic but doesn’t sound overly melancholic where you think it would! “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, another one of Camila’s collaborations. Shawn Mendes and Camila gel so well together in this catchy but emotionally and harmony driven pop track. Shawn’s undeniably strong vocal and Camila’s water-tight harmonies as well as her incredible melisma make for a perfect duet. The catchy chorus presents the pop side but it is also not just your average pop song with an edgier hook to it. The pair sure know how to blend well.

Camila, within this album, proves that she isn’t just a one trick pony. She utilises all her versatility as an artist well with an edgier, grittier side to her lyric writing. From the romantic and Latin sounds of “Havana” to the softer, more emotive and melancholic “Consequences” to the synthy “Never Be The Same”, it’s no wonder her album is proving a success.

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