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Asleep In The Wake

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The EP -


-Review by Charlotte
       29 May, 2020
Photo Courtesy of
Krystie Lee Archer
Krystie Lee Photography

Four track EP EMERGENT. 

First track CHECKOUT is an upbeat, roaring rock number with attitude aplenty from Texas Rockers ASLEEP IN THE WAKE. Porras (bass) and Elijah (drums) partner up to create a strong rhythm that carries the track forward with blaring force leading to a crescendo of blazing guitar wielding courtesy of Mexas (guitar). A wildly refreshing opening track indeed! 


Following on, PUSH ME AWAY feels like an amplified evolution of the previous track. A real hard hitter from the get go with lashings of double bass on drums and increasingly commanding vocals from Neice. 


OBLIVIOUS has a darker theme with beautiful melodic intricacies on guitar and the echo/choir vocals provide a macabre atmosphere. I especially appreciated the lyrics "time stands still when you're in the mud like me". Overall definitely my favourite track. 


ROOM WITH NO END is the last track on the ep and opens up with soft resonance of guitars that pair exceptionally well with Neice dulcet tones. The chorus gains momentum more akin to tracks previous but overall, this track has a far more spiritual and reflective character to it. 


Overall, a thoroughly braw listen and definitely a great introduction to the band for first time listeners as myself. Got one more fan in Glasgow now guys! 



EP EMERGENT available May 9th 2020.

Photo Courtesy of
Krystie Lee Archer
Krystie Lee Photography
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