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The Swamp Born Assassins

  The Album

Smell The Mud

-Review by Lola Miramar

     If you get nostalgic for the likes of Molly Hatchet, Credence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd, here is the band for you. Tracks that smoke and sizzle like pit barbeque and a slug of moonshine, take you for a romp at the local pub, or a good scare under the black moon. This makes for great listening if you need something in the way of delicious southern fried rock.

On Walk Tall we court a fearless lady in a red dress and black stockings. She can transport you to Nirvana, or put you under house arrest, depending on her whims. A wailing harmonica accompanies her as she shimmies her way to the place where she will tear at your hair, and make your head explode like dynamite. She is tiny but has the heart of a lioness, she Walks Tall.

On the title track Smell the Mud, a driving drum beat and blistering guitar solo evoke the murkiest regions of the swamp and the creatures that emerge from the water hungry for something warm and human. Scary and almost hypnotic…Can you smell the mud?

Land of the 6 gun is one of the really stand out tracks on this album, reverently written and lovingly dedicated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a story that needs to be brought into the mainstream and retold. Rock still carries the power to change hearts, and incite social change, and this is a very powerful song.

Clara Bell Lee is supernatural journey to the dark recesses of the boggy graveyard, and quite the treat if you loved Creature Features. A great duet on this track, and you will be humming along to this haunting tale under the black moon of the bayou, just see that nothing comes slithering out behind you from the shadows….

This album is a must have for your next road trip, house party, or barbeque!


The Swamp Born Assassins


Monday, March 26 at 7 PM

Audio Glasgow

14 Midland Street, G1 4PP Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Swamp Born Assassins - Run To The Wildfire "official video"
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