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Thomas Rhett

  The Album

Life Changes

-Review by Kathryn

Thomas Rhett brings us his 3rd studio country/pop album Life Changes.  It takes us on a journey reminiscent of a trip I once took in a friend’s car on the I-95 listening to a similar soundtrack.

The opening Track ‘Craving You’ on which he is joined by Maren Morris on vocals seems to suggest an almost obsessive love and the tone of the music and his voice lends to this feeling.

No two songs on this album are the same.  We have the slow and melodic ‘Marry Me’ and ‘Grave’.  Then there is the clappy, happy and foot tappy ‘Drink a little Beer' which could just as well be done by Hayseed Dixie and will get audiences dancing in the aisles.

He is born into this genre, and with his father Rhett Akins lending a hand in drinking that beer we mentioned it’s a treat and it’s no wonder it entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1.  and was nominated for a Grammy.

The title track ‘Life Changes’ is Thomas relating his thoughts on events from his college days to becoming a singer/songwriter and discovering after adopting with his wife that he is soon to be a father again.

All in all this takes you through lots of emotions, all with a twang.  Please pass the grits.

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