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Fantastic Negrito Plastic Hamburgers

I've been listening to Fantastic Negrito's music for a few weeks now, but I keep on coming back to this song.

I chose this song as my TOP TRACK because of it's powerful and pertinent lyrics.'Plastic Hamburgers' is the first single from Fantastic Negrito's new album 'Please Don't Be Dead' out June 15th. I love his mix of musical genres in all of his music, as well as music and lyrics that reach out and grab you. The groove, the blues, the soul, and that intense voice! It's raw, solid, powerful, passionate, humble and positive. Fantastic Negrito is a California based multi-instrumentalist whose songs are stories of his life. Heavy blues rock with many genre influences. This is the heart of realness!

Pre-order the album here:

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Fantastic Negrito - Plastic Hamburgers (Official Video)
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