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       The Live EP

For What It's Worth

- Review by Lola Miramar



    All these tracks rock hard, and you will be reminded of all the reasons your mama tried to keep you from rock radio: so you wouldn’t need heart pounding rhythms, want your black liner, tousled locks, lipstick, leathers, denim and strategically ripped and pinned black T’s, big black boots stomping the floor and slamming hard. If that was you this is the band you need. Hailing from Queens, New York these dudes take to the stage to tear off the roof. If you’ve ever been played but couldn’t say no, listen to this and you most certainly will be climbing down the stairs at 2 am, to a sweaty tryst, to have your heart twisted and your pockets drained….Slave to Love. In a thundering tribute to getting down to getting served by a vengeful partner, and a killer intro to the whole group, you will be prepared to kneel and hand in your your head When It All Comes Down. You will find out why she used to be pretty, used to make you run, but now she’s just Pretty Fucked Up. When you need to feel good again, put on your party clothes and head for the L.O.A. Club! Here is a new band that asks the very important question “Is Rock Dead?” and answers that question with a deafening, resounding “ Fuck, no!”

Be sure to catch Ryder at        Rocklahoma  2018
May 25- 26 - 27
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