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The album - 

Force Of Life

- Review by Charlotte

Kicking off the FORCE OF LIFE record is opening track THE HERO INSIDE. Initial gentle guitars paired with soft vocals suggest a fairly calm piece of work ahead. However, a mere 14 secs in appears scathing guitars and BROCHDORFS vocals switch to belting out in an unapologetically aggressive tone, giving the track a whole new direction.This eventually  gains momentum as a solid, classic rock song brimming with guitars riffs and hefty drumming. 

Demonstrating ALEX and LE FEVRE'S more accomplished musicianship with entwined riffs and superb guitar solo is following track DARKNESS IN YOUR EYES. 

A rumble of thunder introduces next track HIGHER GROUND with its ridiculously catchy chorus sounding like it transported straight from the 80's. The track is pretty straight forward, lacking twists and turns of the two previous tracks but has an undeniable feel good factor and likely to wynd up stuck in your head the rest of the day. 

Leading with mighty double bass I WONDER WHY promises a load of thrash power initially but slowly morphs into a pretty tame yet enjoyable ballad. It certainly pales in comparison to the other tracks despite a dash of daring guitar solo. The vocal harmonies are very pop and felt disjointed in parts making it the least memorable on the album.

THE HURT returns to the classic rock style the STATEMENT guys do so bloody well. A head banging beat laden with plenty gritty vocals, sliding guitar work and NEILSEN keeps the groove steady with his drum mastery.

FORCE OF LIFE blazes in as a fast paced melodic number. This kind of sound is where the guys thrive and lashings of superb guitar magic, well placed time signature switches and impressive vocal screams make this the indisputable track of the record.

 Next up, an unexpected homage paid to MAMAS AND PAPAS covering classic CALIFORNIA DREAMING. Whilst at first appearing an unusual choice to cover, the guys do a brilliant job of translating the track in their own tone. Punchy vocals and rocker playing flourishes whilst preserving the core essence of this universally recognized track by playing around it instead of tweaking too much, which can often be the case with covers. 

ROCK YOUR HEART OUT And BROCHDORF kills it with monstrous growling. A properly addictive chorus and soaring guitar work with NEILSEN'S mighty bass backing makes the perfect recipe for a straight up head banger. Maintaining the full force, thrash assault is FEELING SCARED. Pounding drum beats, uniform guitar sliding and the repetitive riffs, sounding like something out a bad ass action movie will get blood flowing to all the right places! 

Already at an end of the record is 80's sounding ballad IN THIS MOMENT. Lots of spot light on guitar solos and the uplifting lyrics make this a perfect departure from the FORCE OF LIFE experience. Great album from the STATEMENT guys! 




ALEX                GUITAR




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