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Letters From Jett


               The Album-

Heartbreaks And Hangovers

-Review by Charlotte

The universe presents a wicked serving of Southern rock/country music in the form of LETTERS FROM JETTS album HEARTBREAKS AND HANGOVERS. First track SOUTHERN TUNE lights a roaring fire in your belly thanks to the fusing of classic foot stomping guitar riffs, leading keys (with intricately placed slides) and ultra cool guitar solo with a noted lyrical reference to free bird. The perfect blend of rock fuelled attitude and mellow country vibes.

Next up OKLAHOMAS GOT ME LOVING YOU sways the stylistic counterbalance towards country. Instantly recognisable with the genre, twanging harmonies between vocals and guitar mirror one another perfectly.

HAVE MY DAY is an easy going number with some hard hitting, poignant lyrics. 

LEAVE ME ALONE ,SWEET MELLISSA and NEVER GET LOST are smooth numbers that roll sweetly into the next track BEST I EVER HAD. Blending the world of rock and country with a stacatto guitar intro and impossibly smooth vocals. A real feel good track! 

WAITING ON YOU slows the pace back a little more. The guitars and percussion work really well together.

ONE MORE TIME with has a real 80s vibe to its melody. The chorus is pretty catchy and has a free, light air to it. 

STOLI completes the record and ensures we go out the way we came in, with a bang. Psychedelic keys play as the track gains momentum in pace leading to a final piece of superb guitar solo. 

A great listen all in!

Letters From Jett - Sweet Melissa
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Letters from Jett & Kali Indiana at the American Dream Hangout


Fri 9 PM CDT ·

American Dream / Hangout

Omaha, NE, United States


Letters From Jett at American Legion Club


Fri 7 PM CDT 

Warroad American Legion Post 25

Warroad, MN, United States


Letters From Jett at Excelsior Brewing Company


Sat 8 PM CDT 

Excelsior Brewing Company

Excelsior, MN, United States


Letters From Jett at Dean's South of the Border


Sat 8 PM EDT 

Dean's South of the Border

Punta Gorda, FL, United States


Letters From Jett at Ragged Ass Saloon


Sun 2 PM EDT 

Ragged Ass Saloon - St. James City, Florida

Saint James City, FL, United States


Letters From Jett at Froggy's Bar


Fri 5 PM EDT 

Froggy's Bar

Saint James City, FL, United States


Letters From Jett at Froggy's Bar


Sat 5 PM EDT 

Froggy's Bar

Saint James City, FL, United States


Letters From Jett at The Sound Room


Sat 8 PM CDT 

The Sound Room

Fort Smith, AR, United States

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