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Electric Rebels

electric rebels - heaven tonight EP pic.

        The EP

Heaven Tonight

- Review by Lola Miramar


Here's a tune to blast on your car stereo, turned up until you can feel it on your skin and your Levi's rip. This wall rattling, inked, dirty, gritty thrill ride is a portal to the back rooms of the club you were afraid to visit before. But, you will and you will like it, too. Here is the wall of rock vibration you were craving if you were a fan of AC/DC, Twisted Sister, or Quiet Riot. Tear the roof off one more night on the road.



If you've ever spent 9 1/2 weeks with someone wishing you had 3 legs so you could walk around kicking your own ass, here is the song for you. Yeah, she was hotter than July, but now you've been played, rode hard, and put away wet. More regrets and rage than you can fully admit, here is the runaway, off the rails, wailing, unhinged, stomping, whisky slamming break up song you need to complete the exorcism.... 



Smell the leather, sweat, and desire. Scream for what you want, kick down the door, and run inside- everyone grows wild here. Take a big bite of the apple, you are fallen, try on your wings. Free your mind, open your eyes, You'll never leave heaven tonight....

Electric Rebels are:

Neil Priddey - Vocals
Steve Warburton aka Dude - Guitars
Frank Sengers - Guitars
Matt Bates - Skin Beater
Laurie Simmonds - Bass Meister General


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