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Fooshee's Forecast -

Southbound Kid 

fooshee's forcast album cover.jpg

“The goal of our music is not to be a distraction but to evoke emotion, truth, and unity,” says Fooshee.

Well, they have certainly done that with their music. Southbound Kid by Fooshee's Forecast comes from their 2018 self-titled album. This song, along with the video really resonate feelings of unity, positivity, and strength. With lyrics like "We can move mountains, with our friends." I felt exactly that while listening to all of their music. Fooshee's Forecast are very versatile musicians. I love the guitar playing, fuzz effects and background vocals on this track. In other songs they have horns and keyboards and really show their funky bluesy sound.

Listen to their self-titled album, and you will hear something powerfully good. Described as being swamp-infused, psychedelic Southern funky bluesy rock, this band from Atlanta is incomparable to anything that I've heard in a very long time. This is music for your soul! 

Fooshee's Forecast - Southbound Kid  (Official Video)

Film: Produced by Visceral Visuals

Filmed by Doghouse Atlanta

Audio Recording: Recorded at Audio Loft Studios Mixed by Daniel Annis

Mastered by Vitruvian Sound

Musicians: Jon Fooshee - Guitar and Lead Vocals Travis Heringer - Bass

Brian Stephens - Drums

David "Loco D" Hirsch - Auxilary Percussion

Ebony Jones - Background Vocals

Monica Murchison-Battey - Background Vocals

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