Vince Thrill -

If Rock Is What You Need

For those of us who live, breathe, and bleed rock, this song is pure adrenaline! 'If Rock Is What You Need' is the title track to Vince Thrill's forthcoming album, due out in November.

I chose this song as my TOP TRACK for this week because, well, it is the sound of what pumps through my veins as I get ready for a gig on a Saturday night! Pure brilliant guitar riffs, drums and bass that fuel the sweat and heat of the night, with vocals and lyrics that  express why everyone is there with horns raised and singing right along with you!

If Rock Is What You Need, well fuckin' HELLYEEAH Vince Thrill delivers!

            Vince Thrill -
If Rock Is What You Need
          (Official Video)

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