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VIA - Porcelain Bitch Princess

By: Bryan Kuntz
Exclusively for CC Badass Productions Presents

The assignment:
“Pick a single track, released in the last two or three years and expound upon why you like it.”  I didn’t even have to think, really. It came quickly. I did think, however, that it should be something not so many of you may have ever heard but you absolutely should if made aware of the band. Now you know. The entire CD is highly enjoyable. But we are to keep it to a single track, so here goes. Check this one out – then explore the rest on your own!

VIA “Porcelain Bitch Princess”
from the CD “After You Drown” (2017)
Available: iTunes / Amazon / CDBaby / Spotify
Find and follow the band at:

One of the songs that immediately stood out for me on this VIA album is “Porcelain Bitch Princess.” It is not the greatest song ever written, I will NOT try to claim that here. But I like it quite a lot. It is a standout track on CD loaded with great songs. A slow, grindy groove starts the song and then this semi-smooth vocal creeps in. It all kind of builds at a non-rushed pace. The chorus comes in as you are not even realizing it, and the vocal delivery becomes much more…insistent. You can feel the sleaze dripping from this track, lyrics pertaining to such as girls with no damn shame coming down slow, random guys getting thrills down on sniffer’s row and sex for fun, really leave no room for wiggle in interpretation here. What is the ultimate overall underlying lyrical message? Celebration? Caution? Who cares. All I know is the bass/drum groove here is phenomenal, very hooky, very sexy. The guitar that staggers around the verses and then comes exploding in with the chorus is…total classic rock. No other way to describe it. I hear this song as a very 70’s inspired, too late for the grunge-era, stripper-pole anthem, perfect for the late 20-teens. Turn it up loud!

VIA - Porcelain Bitch Princess

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