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       Matthew French -
     “You Got Me Crazy”
(a duet feat. Sarah Morris)

By: Bryan Kuntz
Exclusively for CC Badass Productions Presents

Matthew French - “You Got Me Crazy” (a duet feat. Sarah Morris)
Genre: Country/Americana
From the album “Winding Road” (2016)
Available via:
iTunes / Bandcamp / Spotify

Song Link (Spotify)

Some people hate them, but I’ve always been a sucker for a GOOD, well written love song: something from the heart that comes across and actually makes you FEEL something as the listener. There are a lot of bad ones out there that don’t even come close and just make you want to laugh and/or shut the radio off in disgust. And then there are those that connect deeply on some level the first time you hear them. Songs that, then, stay with you for years to come because they get into your brain or into your heart for some reason. I had the good fortune to find one of these a few weeks ago. It got in and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

The track is “You Got Me Crazy” by Minneapolis singer/songwriter/guitarist Matthew French. He is joined here by the soaring, angel-voiced Sarah Morris in a duet / backup-vocal trade-off scenario that builds into a wonderfully harmonized declaration of ALL that every one of us hope to discover and experience with someone special some day: “I see my future when I look in your eyes! You got me crazy…goin’ outta my mind!” A lyrical sentiment that should certainly make anyone smile happily as they think of their favorite person. It would be perfectly at home in the middle of someone’s wedding ceremony – and with any luck, some day maybe it will be for some happy couple! Or it might just simply break your heart into a million pieces, bringing tears all over again as you remember a once-good love gone bad. One way or the other, I imagine the song WILL make most listeners feel something. That is always the goal of the artist of course. And here, French and Morris succeed, wildly. Their sweetly blended, deeply insistent male and female vocals along with the slow, gentle pacing of this six-minute song make it an epic, modern-day love ballad for the ages.

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