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          The Album

The Aftermath Of Lies

-Review by Kathryn

The Album I listened to was Tribulance -  The Aftermath of Lies.  The band are a metal band from Tuscon, Az and consist of Mike Vidal: Vocals,

Sal Flores: Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals,

Gino Silva: Bass/Backup Vocals and Brandon Lee: Drums/Backup Vocals. Formed in 1993, they took a break in 1998 but returned in 2012. This is their second album.


Oblivious is the first track and it sets you up for the whole album.  Punchy, fast and heavy.  The vocals are great and it’s well put together.

Track 2 is Conflict and this one really gets you going.  Again, vocally and musically great.  You can hear the conflict in it.

The title track is next and it’s twists and turns are excellent.

Track 4 is Betray and this starts slower but then builds up to a fabulous track.

Then we do Initiation, which is a brilliant song, vocally fantastic and just played beautifully.

Next up is Deny the Pain, which packs a punch and gets your head going.

Cause and Effect, the next track takes it up a notch the drums really come to the fore in this track.

The next track is Enamored, and I was enamored by it.  Great riffs on this one.

Final track is Walk the Talk, and you’d win a medal if you tried to keep up walking along to this.  Power metal at it’s finest.

39 minutes of great music, Very well played and produced.

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