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Youth As Gold

   Feel Alright

Feel Alright is an original single by Youth As Gold.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the best things in life. The wonderful simplicity of this  bluesy and haunting single reminds us “to keep the wonder of our youth” A soothing riff and harmony that instantly pulls you in, and soulful lyrics you will sing to yourself for days. Play the song and you are transported to another place: warm red earth, car windows rolled down to let in the clean air, bird song, and the warmth of the Georgia sun. If you’ve forgotten how to live in the moment, and be as happy as a child, Youth As Gold has the answer. This is the best way to live.

Youth As Gold are :
Dillon Wilson (guitar/vocals),
Kyle Henshaw (drums),
Johnny Bernd (bass)
Youth as Gold -  Feel Alright
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