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Andy Lindquist

My thin black pearl album cover.jpg

       The Album - 

My Thin Black Pearl

- Review by Charlotte

MY THIN BLACK PEARL is an album all lovers of disco, soul, R&B and jazz (which is got to be everyone right??) will appreciate and rightly so! It simply oozes psychedelic grooves and soul from the get go. 

Igniting a spark of psychedelic funk is opening track AINT EASY BEING EASY. A catchy number with the type of groovy interplay between the drums and bass essential to a classic funky sound. The use of synth and brief guitar solo midway through adds a modern dimension to the track that compliments the warm, raspy vocals of Lindquist.


Leaning into disco funk and living up to it's namesake is second track BE ON YOUR FUNKY WAY which combines plenty funky grooves with quirky keyboard. 


A definite turning point in the album is track I CHOOSE LOVE. Gentle and moody synth with the simple tingle of distant percussion make for a haunting atmosphere. Vocals on a lower register compliment the song  and its dreamy aesthetic perfectly. 


Similarly the song SKIN with its twanging guitar, classic melody structure and moody vocals demonstrate the complexity of the album as a whole. This peaceful section of the album is light years from the previous funk enriched content before it, yet flows seamlessly as a listening experience. 


SOUND THE ALARM is a rave meets disco party. The unusual mix of synth with layered vocal harmonies, ever changing time signatures and guitar work makes for a truly unique musicianship. 


THATS ALL SHE WROTE with its baroque style chord progression and rocker guitar is pure gothic disco.


WE GOT THE POWER with sliding keys and centrepiece bass that has a drum like rhythmic role is an unfiltered and all encompassing pack of funk.


YOUR LOVE FOR GOLD completes the album. A leading guitar intro and marching pace rhythm weaves into a heavy, synth rich, trippy ending. 

In summery MY THIN BLACK PEARL captivates the classic, raw elements of funk and shines it through a prism where the tracks each show there own, unique facet.

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