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The EP


-Review by Kathryn

 I listened to Lighter, which is a newly released EP by Overhaul – Overhaul are from Millport and are Andy Gallagher – Guitar/Vocals, Kenny Johnson - Bass Guitar and John Malone – Drums/Backing Vocals. They’ve been going since 1997, so are celebrating their 21st this year. 


The first track, This Gut Feeling Inside starts with a flurry of drums and as soon as I heard it I was so disappointed.. Disappointed because this is only a 4 track EP and I knew I’d want to hear more! The track is great and you start bobbing along, it’s played well and the vocals are great.


The second track is It Feels Like We’re the Only Ones Left on Earth.  It does have a somber feel to it and you can hear the loneliness and desperation in it. It is a fantastic song.


Another rockier track now and we have Kill Ourselves Working Hard.  This is an immense track and an anthem for a lot of folk who feel that in these times of austerity that this is exactly what they’re doing.


The final track is called Good Intentions and you can hear the hope in this track, it really comes together well and is a nice way to end, but as I said right from the start. I want to hear more …

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