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               Twister -

Lindos Rock June 2018

- Review by Kathryn
twister photo2.png

I thought I’d submit a wee roving report here:

I was fortunate enough recently to spend a fortnight in Greece at a 10 day music event.  
Sunning ourselves during the day or on excursions around the idyllic location and at night everyone got together to enjoy the music.  Most of the bands were tribute acts and were very experienced musicians we have seen a few times and thoroughly enjoyed.  Normally to break it up there is some new blood, and luckily for us this time we were introduced to Twister who I hadn’t been aware of before.

They are a Durham based band formed in 2004 which consists of Stevie Stoker, vocals/guitar, Jake Grimes, guitar/Backing vox, John Howard, bass guitar/Backing vox and Joe Major, drums/Backing vox.  A band had let the organizer down at the last minute and Stevie and the boys literally dropped everything and got on a flight to entertain us.  We arrived at the venue (one of the local hotels, sitting in the sun or shade in the Grecian heat was fabulous with some hellenic beer).   The boys put on a very energetic show and included the odd cover as they understood the kind of audience they were playing to.  The covers were varied, but done in their style and we were all very impressed with their own music which was good heavy rock and lyrically well written too. One of their recent songs ‘Monroe’ was song of the week on Planet Rock. How they kept the momentum up in the heat is beyond me.  Also, we found out that Stevie is a record breaking string changer.. Even when Matt from the wonderful blues band Catfish offered him a guitar when he broke a string he just continued the set singing away whilst changing it in record time!  They know their instruments and each other intimately and you can see the determination and drive Stevie has, luckily he has the talent to match, and then some.!  He then was involved in almost all of the other later jam sessions too and, as with all the bands, was happy to relax and chat with everyone which makes it an even better trip.  Am looking forward to next year’s.

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