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Dead Coyotes


The Sunny Devils

EP Launch 

8/12/18 - Dead Coyotes and The Sunny Devils EP launch - Audio Glasgow


-Review by Craig Borland


With one band supporting on the night, Palmiros were given the stage to get the crowd ready for the joint EP launch of The Sunny Devils and Dead Coyotes and they certainly lived up to the expectations. The 2-piece band from West Lothian grabbed the crowd’s attention right from the get go. With their impressive performance of a mixture of covers and originals, including The Stooges’ “I wanna be your dog”, the audience were glued into the blues-rock duo’s set.














Rory and Dominick of Dead Coyotes

-  Photo: Kian Kazeminia


With this being the release of Dead Coyotes’ second EP “Where Demons Dance”, there was no doubt that we were in for terrific 45 minutes ahead. Having seen the band live on numerous occasions I know they always put their all into a live show. The captivating riffs and stagecraft from frontman, Rory Boyle, keeps the crowd amazed while the drums, bass and the newly added second guitar fit together perfectly to allow, in my opinion, one of the best local live acts to flourish.


The performance was made up of tracks from both of the band’s EPs and some new material which was nothing short of excellent. Throughout the set harmonic vocals; soft breakdowns and heavy build ups form together to create this eerie and thrilling desert rock band that everyone should see. It’s Josh Homme but closer to home.


“Ellyn fights with bears’ and “Incinerator man” played midway through their set. These are the two tracks from their first EP “Dog’s Gold”. With the addition of guitarist Calum Campbell, a new lease of life has been brought to the songs and has meant Rory is able to have more freedom to get the most out of what his guitar has to offer.


A miscommunication between the band meant for a slight delay in-between tracks. That was no dampener to the atmosphere, however, and had no effect on the crowd’s enjoyment of the set. The band recovered extremely well and continued to do what they do best.


The upbeat drums and rhythmic bass of the EPs title track ensured that everyone would have a spring in their step before the final act and on the lookout for the next time they’ll get to see the Coyotes howl.












                                                  Steven of The SunnyDevils

                                               - Photo: Kian Kazeminia



The atmosphere was at its peak when it came time for headliners The Sunny Devils to take to the stage. With introduction’s made it was time for the trio to give the crowd what they had been waiting for. With his bunnet on, right from the start, frontman Steven Warnock delivered an extraordinary performance of both guitar and vocals. This tight-knit band provide “head-banging” rhythm through their intriguing drums and bass which are complimented by effect driven riffs;  melodic solos and strong, dynamic vocals.


A name has never suited a band more with light singing and melodic guitar that work so perfectly balanced with a dark rhythm which draws fans from all walks of life. This gives the uniqueness that gets people so hooked on what they hear.


Steven was happy enough to gift the crowd with his hat midway through one of the song which, in the result of the melee, ended up in my hands. A souvenir from the night and something to keep my head warm later on.


Playing all 4 tracks from their self-titled debut EP the band gave the audience a chance to see what they were to expect from the new release. A newly written song was also debuted to the crowd which shows theirs a lot more to come in 2019 for the Alternative Rock Trio. 


Their set came to an end with two tracks “It’s Electric” - a song which never fails to excite me when I hear it played live. “Believe me”, the final track from the new EP. The song finished with a coming together of the three instruments for one final breakdown and the last chance for the band to wow the crowd.


Playing these songs together highlighted the progress that the band have made between writing the track. Hopefully this release will bring the success the band deserves, as well as the inspiration to get an album in the works.



There was no shortage of EPs for sale prior to the band playing but that was quick to change once the band were off. I’ve followed The Sunny Devils since their earliest gigs and they always set out to show their fans a great show and a night to remember and even with my sweat-drenched clothes I knew I had to continue the party in their honour so although the gig may have ended, my night was long from over. Hats off to them, they did it again.


With a good crowd throughout the entire night the three acts didn’t disappoint and gave everyone the chance to see three great bands showcase their talents and take everyone’s minds off Christmas Shopping, Office Christmas party mistakes and how that’s another year almost over.


Season’s Greetings.

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