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Stone Temple Pilots-


From their self-titled album “Stone Temple Pilots”

Released by Rhino 5/25/2018

Genre: Alternative/Grunge

Review by Mike Ciresi

Exclusively for CC Badass Productions Presents

I’m always looking for a great song to drive around with in the summer. I found it on this latest offering from one of the best bands to emerge from the 90’s.


The song starts with a fuzzy five note riff against a steady drum beat. Then it’s full on classic STP: a heavy guitar riff, an insanely tight rhythm section and a vocal full of hip lazy swagger. Another cryptic set of lyrics keeps a 25 year tradition going as well. The opening line “Rise and shine Clementine, there’s just something about you” and the way Jeff raised the word “you” up an octave, put a big grin on my face!


As I’m hearing this song, I’m picturing myself driving on Interstate 40 through Arizona in my 1968 Charger R/T at 80 miles an hour. There’s no one else around, the sun is out and there’s nothing but blue sky and mountains to amuse me.


Now the hook of this tune is the entire chorus, I’m finding myself drumming on the steering wheel. I’m swept away by the explosive tone of the vocal and the instrumentation. In my mind’s eye I’m seeing the band members having nothing but a party while they are laying this down. Robert DeLeo fretting a pulsating bass line, head stock pointed to the sky. Dean DeLeo swinging his Les Paul wonder tones around the stage. Eric Kretz beats his drums to death with finesse. Jeff Gutz delivering a spine-tingling vocal, real slinky mellow then over the cliff; all the while head bobbing and jumping about.


Dean DeLeo delivers a buzz-cut bluesy solo, in and out relatively quick and highly effective.


Everything that you would want and expect from the band is in this song. It’s big and it’s relative. After hearing this song you’ll want go out and buy the new album. Current fans will not be disappointed, first timers are going to go back after hearing this and buy by the candy that came before this delicacy.


The video for this song is a trippy psychedelic companion piece. The video adds another element to keep your brain glued to the song. And yes folks this new release is on vinyl format! So feel free to go out and support your local record store. Of course it is available via download and streaming.


As the lyric states “We’re all just killing time and having fun” and that is what this song and Stone Temple Pilots are all about.


For me, I am going to keep my foot on the floor and make sure that the “repeat” button is locked on…


View the video


Visit the “official website” for all things Stone Temple Pilots: News, Music and Tour Dates

Click on the picture below to listen on Spotify
Stone Temple Pilots - "Meadow"
[Official Lyric Video]  
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