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At The East Kilbride Arts Centre

Saturday, 9 February, 2018

Gig Review

-Gig review by  - CC Badass

  For their first ever gig in the UK, Dapper wowed with a sold out venue! This band is pure class, warming up the crowd with an instrumental intro as they each took the stage. Dapper warms you up like a fine whisky, and takes you by the hand into an easy good time.

  You feel that this bunch of gentlemen have been around the block a fair bit. Although one member of the band, Victor, couldn't make it due to VISA issues, Dapper pulled off an excellent performance.

their first song of the night was Circumstance, a catchy tune that you find yourself automatically singing along with. All Mixed Up was their second song and many of us were singing along to this one as well. they went into the Tommy Tucker tune

High-Heel Sneakers, a song that I don't hear bands play nearly enough. I was thrilled!! The acoustic song,

Girl From Illinois was a song that totally made me smile, as I could relate. A few songs had Gary suckin' an blowin' on that harp, aye he's pretty good at playing the harmonica! There was a good mix of electric and acoustic, and brilliantly played covers mixed in with their songs from their album  As....

All excellent musicians that seem like they've been playing together for years , and Gary has some hot riffs. The song, Back, was also one of my favourite tunes of the night. Back , and The Fender Song , I think should be radio hits.

This band has great banter and audience participation. Oh yeah, and I really love the harmonica! Fun audience participation in the cover of Mojo, and impressive vocals and guitar playing in I Need Your Love So Bad. Classic blues tunes!

You see such musical versatility throughout. From the groove of Sunday Morning, the high intensity of

Cross To Bear, to the softness of their new song, Duty Bound, the sweet vocals of Gary, the tender beautiful guitar solo from Michael on the cover of Love Of My Life.

 The perfect final song of the evening was Fuck Tomorrow! I also want to mention that whoever did the sound and the lighting was superb! I certainly hope they come back and play Glasgow, or tour the UK again very soon!

You can listen to the interview here

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