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          GIG REVIEW - 

       Burnt Out Wreck

Hard Rock Café, Glasgow

Friday, February 7 th 2020

Photo courtesy of Trig
- Review by Trig  8/2/2020

Okay...... You got a series of gigs lined up and your lead guitarist decides to say cheerio – cancel gigs ? Audition a replacement ? Spend time rehearsing ?

NAW !! You promote the rhythm guitarist to lead axe man and if the front man can sing and play drums surely a few chords can’t be that hard ? And Gary Moat, Glasgow’s answer to David Grohl stepped up to the base !


Maybe due to the position they found themselves in there seemed to be a raw edge to the performance and sometimes that is missing when a band hits the stage – tonight was going to be how rock is meant to sound.


The rhythm partnership of Paul Gray on drums and Alex Carmichael provided a solid back beat that kept things tight and allowed Gary and Miles Goodman to deliver the upfront goods – and they delivered in spades !


Gary looked a natural with a guitar strapped on you would have thought he had been doing it for years and comfortably took the dual roles and delivered like the true pro he is.


The highlight was , going by the reaction of the crowd , was Miles wielding his flying V and showed that he is an awesome axe-man – he has the riffs , he has the licks and can throw the shapes !! A candle that has had the bushel taken away !!


This is first I have caught the guys since their 2nd album , This is Hell , came out in October last year and allowed them a larger choice of tunes to put a live set together – and it was a great mix from both albums – my highlights were Flames, This is Hell , Pulling It Out and Paddywack.


Personally, I think the 4 piece line up really works but we will see.


So if you want a night of dirty rock n roll , sweet rock n roll – a night of sweet dirty rock n roll get yer butt to a Burned Out Wreck gig – as the final song of the night says – ROCK AIN’T DEAD

Upcoming gigs:

2nd May 2020 / Bonfest / Kirriemuir

3rd May 2020 / Rockforce festival /Blackpool

22nd May 2020 / Rockers Reunited, Winsterfest 9 / Near Matlock

Photos courtesy of Willie Mackenzie
Photo courtesy of Trig
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