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Burnt Out Wreck

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The Album -

This Is Hell 

Review by - Gerry

Hard driving high voltage rock’n roll comes to mind when describing “This Is Hell”, The latest album from Burnt Out Wreck.

Probably the genre of high voltage rock’n roll was born in December 1973 when two brothers Angus and Malcom Young decided to form a band called AC/DC. The rest as we say is rock’n roll history.

The brothers are of Scottish descent as was their lead singer Bon Scott. Which is also the nationality of vocalist Gary Moat. Next year will mark the fortieth anniversary of Bon’s death. In recent years a rock festival has been held in Kirriemuir Scotland the birthplace of Bon called The Bonfest.

One of the acts included in next years lineup is Burnt Out Wreck - a fitting coincidence indeed.

To the songs -

Dead or Alive - what an opening track this is, a prime piece pulsating high voltage rock n roll. It gets no better than this.

This quickly followed by “Positive”. The riffs on this song give me goosebumps, it was released as a single recently. I can well understand why.


“Guitars Electrified” comes in at the halfway mark on the album. The pace still hasn’t dropped a dot. if this album was a car then the nitro switch has just been flicked,and the twin turbos have just roared into life.


“This Is Hell” the title track on the album. Says you gotta stand up and fight your corner, no half measures. In fact right throughout this album that’s the theme, no nonsense gritty rock’ roll.


“This is Hell” is rock’n roll Heaven!




Dead or Alive

Guitars Electrified

This Is Hell

Burnt Out Wreck - This Is Hell
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