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The EP-

 4 Shots

-Review by Pistol Pete

So where to start with this ! If this EP had been released back in the mid / late 1980’s we would be hailing them as the next British band to break the US market. With a sound that’s firmly based around the Bon Jovi / Poison / Winger blueprint its part AOR, part classic rock with a little country thrown in for good measure.

The EP kicks of with Going With The Wind , with a thumping bass line , acoustic guitars then settles into a that classic 8o’s sound not dissimilar to Def Leppard's Too Late for Love.

Next up is the single that was released earlier this year – Midnight Queen . The chorus is so catchy you’ll be singing it before you know . its like an old friend . The perfect summer song

Angels Crying is the ballad – the perfect hair metal ballad , again great chorus and very catchy .

Just  Waiting For You is the final track, again could have come off any number of albums released in the 80’s.

To sum up , it’s a great start , it's fresh,

upbeat and you can’t help but sing along!

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