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Mason Hill

Self titled EP
- Review by Cassie Hughes

Mason Hill E.P.

A band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Mason Hill have come a long way in their lifespan. The quintet comprises of Scott Taylor (vocals),James Bird (guitar), Marc Montgomery (guitar), Matthew Ward (bass guitar),Craig McFetridge (drums)and their debut EP, titled simply “Mason Hill”, is deserving of your undivided attention time and time again.

What might strike you most when listening to Mason Hill’s acclaimed EP for the first time, is just how goddamn GOOD it is.

A basic statement by this listener, but when you are eased into the first track, ‘Survive’, with a riff and a wah pedal before being thrust into the meat of the track with outstanding performance vocals that are easily imagined in a stadium setting, you can’t possibly recover. Any expectation is by far exceeded.

Reminiscent of classic rock with metal undertones, Mason Hill don’t disappoint. It’s easy to see within the first minute of listening, why these Glasgow boys have come so far in the past two-and-a-half years. From humble beginnings that led them to the Ramblin’ Man Fair, playing with long established rock and metal royalty, they are arguably the most exciting thing to hail from the U.K. in a very long time.

In the short time you have to really get to know them in their four-track debut, their influences can be heard coming through the speakers – ‘Survive’ is a beast of a first impression, combining sounds of Metallica and Black Stone Cherry in a rollercoaster. Scott Taylor’s vocals are similarly outstanding and unique. A raw, grating, suitably rock vocalist that has an intimidating vocal range, perfectly showcased.

The second track, ‘Your Memory’ is an assault on your musical nerves determined to make even the shyest of listeners become wild, head-banging maniacs, before we are once again eased into the latter half of the EP with ‘Now You See Me’. A guitar intro of running footsteps being chased down by a heavy-set, music monster that just overtakes you, grabs you by the shoulders and screams in your face. I mean really, what more could you want?

OH WAIT - the finale, a ballad of epic proportions. Combining a truly soulful performance from Taylor and melodic guitar playing; its leads you higher and higher to a catastrophic crescendo with an exquisite solo to play you out. A solo that could rival the heart wrenching guitar playing that ends Purple Rain.

This is high praise.  

But you only need to listen to find out for yourselves.

Check the boys out here:

Mason Hill - "Now You See Me"
            (Official Video)
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