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Dead Label -

Throne Of Bones

By: Bryan Kuntz
Exclusively for CC Badass Productions Presents

Dead Label “Throne of Bones”
from the CD “Throne of Bones” (2016)
Available: iTunes / Amazon / Bandcamp / Spotify

“Throne of Bones” is the title and lead-off track coming from the second album release by the Celbridge, Ireland based Hardcore trio calling themselves Dead Label. This song comes rumbling out of your speakers like a Bulldozer. A 10,000 ton bulldozer being driven by a Jackhammer with a grudge to settle. It sounds like the beautiful bastard child of some unholy union between Pantera, Hatebreed and Coal Chamber. The crushing drum and guitar grooves in the song intro set the pacing and style for the rest of the album: You are about to be pummeled, up, down and sideways. But in the most wonderful of ways. Speed, while certainly present, takes a backseat to “feel.” The main verses run along with an already sick guitar riff. When the break comes, combined with the ultra-aggressive, sore-throat inducing lyrical delivery, it is takes off into the kind of song that makes a person want to get up off their ass and start a one-man/woman mosh pit wherever you might happen to be. Cautionary Disclaimer: While we are publicly and absolutely encouraging you to listen, neither the author nor CC Badass Productions Presents can be held responsible for any damages incurred to household furnishings or small pets should you choose to press play on this one!

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