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Gin Annie

100% Proof - Coverart.png

The Album-

100% Proof

- Review by Kathryn

I poured myself a gin (citrus, with plenty ice and lemonade if anyone’s bothered ) and listened to Gin Annie’s debut album entitled 100% proof which is due for release 25 Jan 2019.


Gin Annie are: Dave Foster (vocals),

Byron Garbett  (guitar/vocals), Brian Green(guitar/vocals),

Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows (bass)

Jack Ryland-Smith (drums)


They were formed in Wolverhampton 2013 –  Then a new Mk II line up was born in  Nov 2017.


Track 1: Love Ain't Here  - This is a great opener, the drums and guitars just set the whole thing up and it’s got loads of energy, then when Dave’s vocals come in it really suits the genre and the track really well.


Track 2 :Dead & Gone – Guitar opening for this one is amazing, then everything comes in to a great beat, a little Nickelbacky this song, but strangely, that’s not a bad thing. I can hear folk singing along with this live.


Track 3: Chains  - This is a great track, taking it down a little to get a breath in.  The playing is just great, and the vocals just compliment everything.  It’s strange to say it but it does have an Alice in Chains feel.


Track 4:New Bad Habit – The drums start this off so this is another head and hair track.  It’s fantastic and they are gonna be my new habit (unless the gin is).


Track 5: Next 2 Me – The musicianship on this is just brilliant, and it’s another of the high energy rockin’ tracks.  You’d just be dancing with anyone next to you to this one.


Track 6: Damage Is Done – Yip, damage is done alright, whether too much ice has melted from my gin or my ears are being assaulted in the most wonderful way I’m not sure, this is another great track. Be a great one live this.


Track 7: Fallin’ – This is another rock classic track which the drums take a great role this time.  Again I can see everyone enjoying this one at the live shows.


Track 8: All I Want – All I want is this album not to finish.  Another fantastic track here, drums and guitars opening this in a fabulous way. 


Track 9: Haunt Me – A chill out track as the penultimate track, and as the name suggests it is rather haunting and rather lovely.


Track 10:  Born to Rock n Roll – The last track and a great way to leave you wanting more, it reminds us that we were born to rock and we won’t stop. It’s another high energy and head and hair song.

Gin Annie 2019 UK tour smaller.jpg
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