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       Stone Mob - Guaranteed (Betty)

Stone Mob is a relatively new band, having only been around since 2017, yet they are well experienced and versatile musicians. I've recently heard just one song of theirs, but I quickly went looking for more! They have one self-titled album out, and you can clearly hear the influences of other musical genres. They are pure, fun, kickass rock 'n roll, and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing where this brilliant band goes after this first album!I chose the song 'Guaranteed (Betty)', the very first song that I heard as my TOP TRACK for this week. It is humorous, well written, and a very funny video about a body spray. This is a band to see play live...... and, well, I wanna party with these guys!

Stone Mob are:

Doug "Earthdog" Masterson - lead vocals
Blaine "Shred Master General" Kaltman - guitar
Andy Hamburger - drums
Wilfred "Mr. Creative" David - bass

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