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Black Cat Bone

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      August 24

Stereo, Glasgow

Interview, and  EP Review

Interview with Ross Craig - Black Cat Bone
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- Gig review by CC Badass

Support bands were Dixie Fried, and Al Shields & The Delahayes.

I missed the first band, but caught Dixie Fried. They were the perfect band to open for BCB, and I will definitely be seeing them again!

This is my first time seeing Black Cat Bone, and the most important thing that I can say is that this was a very special gig! For a band that has been around only a few years, they sound like they've been around for so much longer. Their sound is heavy, blues-based rock, and they take you to a place deep down south where it's hot and sweaty and you find yourself instinctively howlin'.

The highlights of the evening were  definitely the harmonica and the slide guitar... so that pretty much covers all the songs. Morning Light  was the first song of their set,  to get you shuffling  into that groove that brings you deeper and deeper ... yeah, there's the intensity of demons, wolves, Punks & Pushers, and lots of grindy dirty fun stuff. There's also  damn sexy female  vocals on their newest song, Coming For You. Get Your Kicks is a true hit! I love horns of all kinds, and it was a smart addition of the trumpet in their version of the Slim Harpo song, Hipshake! Perfect, solid drums, bass, and guitar in Peace Of Mind! This band has three of my favourite things:  harmonica, slide guitar, and horns. Then there's the intense, raw heat  of  Ross Craig's bluesy voice!

Black Cat Bone is definitely a band to watch! Thank you guys! You left me deeply satisfied, and weak in the knees!

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