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Cassie's TOP TRACK

 Gypsy Pistoleros -

  Lost In A Town      Called Nowhere

Lost In A Town.jpg


Lost in a Town Called Nowhere

Gypsy Lee Pistolero – Vox, bad rumba guitar

Mark Westwood (Shadowland, Clive Nolan, GLP) – Great Guitars

Gaz Le Bass – Double Bass (The Delray Rockets)

Jan Vincent Vellazco (Pendragon, Ghost, PIG) – Drums

Kris Jones - Trumpet


This is one of those times where I think the song really speaks for itself. Lost in a Town Called Nowhere takes you by surprise – you have no idea what to expect, and then your expectations are exceeded.

Described as a “ fiery flamenco/rumba passion & crossover punk” band, when the vocals kick in you can hear glam rock, Steel Panther, a bit of Axl Rose and a bit of Generation X. Pounding drums, loud guitar and trumpets – it works so much better for Gypsy Pistoleros than it did for Ska. The lyrics are delivered from a screaming, thrashing powerhouse that could easily rival some of the genres finest singers.

I hadn't heard of Gypsy Pistoleros prior to hearing this track but in the vast musical landscape this is such a superb mix of influences that it cannot possibly be compared to any other contemporary band.. It is a sound that you likely have not heard before, and I urge you to listen to this track before devouring the entire catalogue. Frontman, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, is no stranger to the industry having toured with The Ramones, Motorhead, Twisted Sister, Poison, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Z.Z. Top to name but a few. With such vast experience and such a unique sound, the forthcoming album is sure to give you aural pleasure of the highest calibre.

Lost In A Town Called Nowhere is released February 26th and is from the forthcoming album ”The Mescalito Vampires” to follow in July.

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