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Massive Wagons -

Under No Illusion

The song I've chosen as my TOP TRACK this week  is Under No Illusion by Massive Wagons. this is the first single from their forthcoming album, Full Nelson, which is due out on August 10th.

Not only does this tuuune sound powerful when directly plugged into my earholes, but it is a song that grabs you when see them play it live, which I did just a few weeks ago at The Cathouse in Glasgow. I was singing along the first time hearing it. From the powerful drums and guitar intro, you feel the message down deep as Baz sings! The lighter guitar and harmony at the end gives you a feeling of personal and professional resolve. Throughout the song are very fitting lyrics which apply to music industry, as well as life in general. Basically, whatever you do, however you play.....fuckin' play it your own way!!

Massive Wagons are a band to watch! They are on the rise! I am excited to hear all the new kickass tuuunes when their new album, Full Nelson comes out on August 10th!

Massive Wagons - Under No Illusion  
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