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Neon Hurricane

- Review by Kathryn
- Photo by John McBean Photography
                      21 April, 2018
          The Classic Grand, Glasgow

I went to see Neon Hurricane on Saturday night, and what a night.  It was their first headline slot and they totally owned it.  They played at The Classic Grand and as we waited outside I awkwardly thought of the ‘gentlemen’ in macs who would have previously stood waiting to get in, back when it was a ‘specialist cinema’ long before that kind of thing could be viewed anywhere online.  The place is now a good venue, with different floors, allowing for various events to take place. The sound was of really good quality and the layout is good, particularly if you’re like me and need a slightly higher spot so you can see what’s happening on stage.


There were 4 acts on the bill.  There was a young lady named Becca Murphy, who sat with her guitar and sang some of her own songs, and included her take on some Dolly Parton and Britney Spears! This wasn’t quite the type of thing the audience had come to hear, but once her initial nerves faded she was good and the crowd seemed to recognize her talent.  Then we had Forrest Can’t Run.  They were good and did some of their own stuff, including Stephanie and we all really enjoyed them and were starting to get into things.  Then we had Crow Moon, who put on a good show, and by now things were getting heavier and more what the crowd were expecting to see.   But then to the headliners, they were ready and excited for it and so were we.. By this point, their painted faces and the glow jewelry we were all wearing were itching to be put to use…


Neon Hurricane have changed since I last saw them at The Ferry last year, a change in line-up, with Paul Burns now on vocals, along with Graeme Craig wielding the axe, Chris Glynn on bass and James Maxwell on the drums.  They came on with all guns blazing and launched into Sex Lion, getting us all clapping and joining in.  Then followed with Hypnotized, then did their take on 30 Seconds to Mars Conquistador, which was excellent.  Then they did Follow Rock ‘n’ Roll and by this point we were all following…. They then did If the World Stood Still and finished off with Fire. The musicianship and the interaction with the audience was great, and they seemed to enjoy themselves, as did we.  We all went out of there feeling great and glad to have been part of their first headline slot.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again on May 31st at The Ferry ( a supporting slot with a Doors Tribute).  If I wasn’t a Stormchaser (how they refer to their fans) already, I certainly am now.

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