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Vicious Nature

The EP


-Review by Kathryn

 The boys hail from the West Midlands and are Jon 'JB' Brown – Drums, Andrew Southwell - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals, Andy Pyke – Vocals and Marc Culley – Bass


They formed in 2012 as a phoenix from the ashes of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebral Fix and show their pedigree and mettle (or Metal) and definitely earn a place in the hall of NWOBHM.  This EP consists of 5 songs and a bonus track .

Calm Before the Storm:  Does what it says on the tin.. Bit of Metallica sounding slow guitar bit there. You can see them coming onstage to this it’s a nice one to ease you in.

Rise Up:  Thumping in your ears guitar riff goes onto drums then onto screaming vocals…  A fantastic one to get your head going.

When The Devil Calls:  This is punchy, head banging again.  Then slows right down so you can take a breath then speeds right back up and gets you going again.

Twisted Psychotic:   A great track going up and down like a roller coaster ride another head banging track …


The Silence that Kills:  No chance of getting killed as it jumps right in at you .  Raw and heavy and wonderful – vocals really suiting this one

System of Disorder: A bonus live track recorded at Wizzfest in Belgium in 2015 – Starting off with the Whoa oh oh to get their audience going and you feel like you’re there with them especially as they join in (and so do you.) A great track

The whole EP is well worth a listen, their sound reminds me a little of System of a Down/Rage against the Machine it’s a whiplash risk  as it will definitely get you throwing your hair and horns about …

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