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Steve Hill

                   The Album

The One-Man Blues Rock Band

-Review by Charlotte

Beyond the imagination of what one would think feasible , Steve Hill serves up a jaw dropping assortment of blues rock on the creative masterpiece that is THE ONE MAN BLUES ROCK BAND. Simultaneously playing guitar, drums and harmonica whilst also singing makes this record as much a marvel of technical excellence as it is a joy to listen to. 

Kicking off with a mesmerising background riff is blues rock delight RHYTHM ALL OVER. This one gets you from the word go and just after the two minute mark a sliding guitar solo weaves around the foot stomping rhythm. 

Murkier track GO ON echos the emotions of a man deep in scorning love. From the grimy blues rock groove to the lyrics I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP ON YA, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. The solo reflects this emotion with it's tingling and teasing turns. 

THE COLLECTOR has an insatiable gruff element with thicker texture in Hill's vocals which provides the essential yin power to the upbeat yang of the musical accompaniment. 

Recurring, staccato notes in following track DAMNED refocus the undeniable foot tapping, hip shaking blues Hill has so precisely mastered. Skilfully picking an array of chords, the solo guitar compliments the melody like a fine whiskey.  

TOUGH LUCK leaves off the rhythm to begin and allows Hills remarkable guitar playing to take centre stage, resulting in a softer sound. Crafting a mellow environment for some beautiful harmonica to partner up with gentle guitar and very sublte rhythm. The change in pace showcases HILLS range as a performer and his tender vocals work amazingly with the low key music. 

NEVER IS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO starts with an echoing guitar and with a tinge of gruff returning to the vocals over some cool bass work sits as a shooting the breeze number.

Returning to the roots of heavy rock and deep, soul stirring blues is HATE TO SEE YOU GO. You might have heard this number before but never with such intensity. The guitar work is absolutely gorgeous and picks up an impressive pace.

EMILY unravels at a silky pace and has some relaxing, progressive chord changes. 

NOTHING NEW is a harmonica dipped delight, the perfect accompaniment to a paired down pace and rich vocals.

OUT OF PHASE carries on with this ambience. 

STILL GOT IT BAD brings the listener back to the dusky, blues rock feel. 

THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY WABO starts mid pace, with shackle like rhythm which unexpectedly turns into a roaring, barn storming piece of country rock wonder. 

DANGEROUS is undeniably, indulgent rock and the melody firmly sticks in memory. 

Wrapping up this truly impressive experience is instantly recognisable VOODOO CHILD. Definitely a nod to Hendrix in terms of guitar style and yetvsucceeds in retaining the unique Hill vibe with the backing drum and vocals. 

Still unsure just how Hill manages to play everything together with such a sophisticated, signature style. What seems the impossible is the unmissable THE ONE MANS BLUES ROCK BAND. 

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