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                Brownbear -

Truth Without Consequence

The track that caught my attention this week is by Brownbear, an alternative band based in Glasgow, Scotland. I loved the light, acoustic guitar intro. I thought it sounded a bit folk at first, then the song led into a very pop feel, with Matt's excellent voice and the background vocals reminding me of summer love. You can easily sing along with this well written song.

This was the first I have heard of this band, so I listened to a few more of their previous singles on Spotify. I heard some very versatile songs, and I am excited to hear Brownbear's debut album, 'What Is Home?' when it comes out on April 20 th.

They have their album launch on Friday, 20 April at Stereo in Glasgow.

Brownbear is-

Matt Hickman - lead vocals and guitar

Andrew McAllister - lead guitar

Sam Waller - drums  

            Brownbear -

Truth Without Consequence

          (Official Video)

click on the picture below to listen on Spotify
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