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Leaving With Ghosts

          The Album
The Angels In My Attic
- review by Charlotte

Opening track DROWNING kicks off the listening experience to the album THE ANGELS IN MY ATTIC. Parading drums play alongside a steady bass line which gradually gains momentum and leads into otherworldly synth roots that spread outward as the track progresses. This is an album that's intricately woven gothic rock elements with undertones of indie. 

SHE SAID YOU RUINED HER VALENTINE'S DAY is a soberingly romantic track. The drum beat and guitar melody are an upbeat contrast to the lyrics. Well placed dusting of synth gives a dreamlike feel to the track. 

JUST LIKE THE WEATHER is a short interlude with ambient paranormal sounds floating around vocals "good bye isn't always forever" and leads to the rocktastic number THE PROMISE. Foot stomping percussion and guitar riffs at the forefront of this number bring the pace up. A lone, wailing guitar around the 1.20 mark gives texture to the upbeat number. 

LOVE IS JUST COMPETITION is a deconstructed marvel. Industrial sounds meet with unwavering  drums. Synth again lends to the feeling of being out of place. Almost hypnotic.

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE is just that. Broken recordings of people talking play an create an atmosphere of tension whilst  synth suggestively lingers in the background. The tempo then switches up to an enjoyable catchy, pop rock style. 

THE ANGELS IN MY ATTIC begins with a gothic piano playing alongside more industrial sounds maintains the theme of the supernatural. 

WEDNESDAY MORNING RAIN is a brave track which begins with unassuming keys. Guitar is at the forefront making a brilliant an alternative rock number. 

DEMENTIA plays beautiful piano which in parts sounds slightly imperfect. This compliments the industrial components of synth and guides into a bass groove that brings the track to life. 

Thoroughly enjoyable record! 

LEAVING WITH GHOSTS - Drowning (Album Version)

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