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Baleful Creed

The Album

Seismic Shifter

-Review by Louisa

Baleful creed first popped up on my radar in 2013 at Highway to Hell 4 in Glasgow leaving their sound imprinted in my brain. The most memorable songs from that evening for me were Autumn Leaves and Baleful Creed, both from the debut album of the same year. It has been a long 4 year wait for the follow up but well worth it as Seismic Shifter does indeed make the earth move! An eerie foghorn in the background opens Devil's Side painting the perfect scene in your mind for the gradual introduction of the guitars rhythmic sound before erupting with raw power. Fin's gritty vocal performance enhances and completes the picture. Levy has an extra layer of catchiness with an almost chirpy guitar and bass line throughout. Definitely one to make your head start bobbing. Lose Religion and The Wolf are, for me, the stand out songs of the album. Lose Religion has familiar undertones of Motorhead whereas The Wolf has an almost ballad like feel to it complete with outstanding guitar solo from John Allen to which your neck hair will give a standing ovation. If you are partial to a spanking symphony of heavy sound then this album is definitely for you..

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